Frequently asked questions


1. Are raw milk cheeses safe to eat ?
Yes, but they require that you respect our recommendations on conserving these cheeses and eating them within the time limits we advise. For pregnant women and people that are suffering from an immune deficiency, we strongly recommend that you first consult your doctor.

2. Where do our cheeses come from ?
The overwhelming majority of our cheeses come from French farmers that produce their cheeses using traditional methods.

3. How are the cheeses packed? Will my cheeses keep cold all the way to my doorstep  ?
The cheeses are shipped in an isothermal packaging so that a chilled environment is maintained in the shipping. The cheese box is made of a polystyrene extract covered with aluminium foil especially studied for maintaining a constant temperature. On that purpose, ice packs are included to maintain a cold temperature.


4. How long will it take to receive my cheeses ?
We deliver in 24 hours to all major United States and Western European cities. Delivery time in Europe outside the major urban centres will be 48 hours. Japan's delivery time is 72 hours, and from 48 to 72 hours to the other major cities in Asia. An order received before 10am (French local time) will be processed on that day. If received after this hour the order will be processed on the following day. Shipping is possible on Friday for a Saturday delivery, if available from Fedex. There will be an additional charge of 20 €. There are no deliveries on Sunday and Monday as storing conditions of cheeses are not guaranteed over the week end. For Saturday deliveries, please contact

5. Can I make a gift to someone to be delivered on the day I choose ?
Yes, you can select the day you wish on our different order forms.

6. Which kind of credit card is available for payment ?
We accept following types of credit cards: AMEX, JCB, MASTERCARD and PAYPAL.

7. Is there any custom tax I have to pay on receiving the cheeses  ?
Custom taxes are not levied in the USA and European Union. In respect to other areas of the world that require a custom duties payment this is the responsibility of the customer to pay these charges. Please consult our customs restriction page.

8. Do we comply with the USA's FDA regulations ?
Yes, once you have determined the destination of delivery for cheeses you wish to select you will only be offered a selection of cheeses that comply with any legislation of the country of destination. Therefore deliveries to the USA are in accordance with the present FDA ruling concerning the importation of cheeses.

9. Can I create my own cheese board ?
Yes, we have created the Cheese shop for this purpose. Here you will find a selection of different cheeses. Cheeses can be ordered separately but you are required to order a minimum of 4 cheeses, as transport is a major consideration.

The price, transport, packaging and handling included, will show up when you have selected at least 4 cheeses. We regularly change our selection of cheeses depending on the season and quality of milk, so please visit the shop often as there is always some exciting and new cheese listed:


10. Is it normal that my cheeses tend to acquire a
distinctive smell ?

France is famous for its great perfumes. As cheeses mature they tend to develop appetizing odours. The odour denotes the cheese is in excellent condition and is a sign of a pleasurable taste to come. Conserve the cheeses well, but don't let the cheeses acquire a rancid smell, at this stage they should not be eaten.

11. Where should I store my cheeses once I've received them ?
The ideal place is to store them is in a cool, well aired, cellar (7-8°C) or failing that at bottom of your refrigerator. Don't vacuum pack them, cheese need to breath. May we suggest you have the pleasure of enjoying fresh cheeses by eating them within hours of their arrival!

12. How long can I keep my cheeses in the event I cannot taste them immediately, or if I have some leftovers ?
Cheeses should always be stored in a cool area. It is a good idea for leftover cheeses to rewrap them in the special paper provided. Never leave them in a warm place.

Depending on the cheeses you have ordered here are some guidelines: Soft cheeses : 4-6 days, goats cheeses 8-10 days and hard cheeses 15 days. N.B. : If you couldn't finish the wheel of Brie in one sitting ,wrap the leftover and put it in the deep freezer. Remember when you take it out to allow it to slow thawing at
room temperature.

13. What do I have to do to prepare my cheeses before eating them ?
One hour before serving, unwrap the cheeses from their original paper packaging, and allow them to come up to room temperature. This will enhance the aromas and bring the cheeses up to perfect condition.

14. How can I enhance the presentation of the cheeses on my table ?
The majority of our cheeses are delivered with a cheese label.These should be placed on each cheese. Decorate the cheese board with fruits, nuts and maybe a vine leaf to add a bit of color. This will stimulate the eyes and wet the appetite. We have included a menu describing the cheeses; make sure it is placed on the table.

15. Which wine can I drink with my cheeses ?
In general, we advise you to drink a French wine coming from the same region as the cheese. If the cheeses represented are from different regions of France, the art of selecting a wine is to choose a wine that blends with the overall composition of the cheese board. See our journal talking about cheeses and wines

16. Is the cheese's rind edible ?
The rind on most cheeses is edible. However, if you think it is not very appetizing don't be embarrassed about removing it. For hard cheeses, the rind is usually removed before eating.

17. The value of my order exceeds the amount of my gift certificate ?
The balance must be paid either by credit card or with another gift certificate, the balance will credit to the gift certificate's code.

18. The value of my order is inferior of the amount of my gift certificate ?
In this case, we will credit the balance to gift certificate code so it can be used on next submitting the gift certificate.

19. Is there an expiration date on the gift certificate?
From the date the gift certificate is issued it must be redeemed with one calendar year.

20. Where can I get help if the above has not answered my questions?
For any additional information concerning customer service or any special question you might have, you can send us an e-mail to :